Weekdays got too stressful. Along with that i hated how my body looked; I got too thin and i had a tough time gaining weight. I was overall frustrated and emotionally drained that I just needed a breather so we went to this island with no itinerary. We arrived at sundown, had supper at a local diner and strolled the shore looking for a place to spend the night. We ended up camping out under the shade of the palm trees. Morning was spent roaming the island, swimming inside caves, cliff diving and crossing the ocean towards a sand bar.

Getting lost in nature helped a lot.


i love tracing shadows;

across your rough lips,

watching the penumbra of a smile

creasing, creeping

to the soft rise of colorless cheeks,

to hair the color of sunsets consumed,

i love watching wisps

of your breath

undulate in the summer cold,

petrichor and pine,

i love the faint scent

of peaches on your skin,

still lingering on mine

// fave from @theremiss

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